Meet the chair that everyone is talking about…the Emsella Chair…also known as the “Kegel Throne.” CGT Aesthetics is proud to be one of the handful of providers in Illinois to offer this amazing technology to patients suffering from incontinence.

This unique technology revolutionizes the women’s intimate health and wellness category by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option. Each 30 minute session is equivalent to doing 11,000 kegel exercises… a number most woman couldn’t achieve on their own. Think of it this way… 11,000 Kegel exercises x 6 sessions = 66,000 Kegel exercises! You would have to do 181 Kegel exercises EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR to equal this number! And the best part is that this treatment in non-invasive, has no downtime, you get to remain fully clothed and relax reading a magazine or watching a show… it doesn’t get ANY better than this ladies!

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Thinking of Gynecological Mesh? Think again! Research has shown that surgical mesh for transvaginal repair can cause many complications such as: pain, mesh erosion, infection, bleeding, pain during sex, organ peforation, and urinary problems…not to mention the weeks of downtime after the procedure. Don’t put yourself at risk, try the Emsella Chair instead!