Feel confident to bare your legs again with our Leg Vein Laser Treatments! They allow you to diminish the appearance of spider veins and reticular veins without the pain of surgical treatments and lengthy downtimes. Laser leg vein reduction is a fast and easy way to beautify your legs with treatment sessions ranging from 5-30 minutes, with low discomfort and no downtime!

How does it work?

During treatment laser energy passes through the skin and into the vein. The energy is absorbed by the blood, destroying the vessel without harming the surrounding tissue. The vessels will gradually change from a dark blue to a light red color, then eventually disappear in 2-6 weeks, restoring the skin’s natural appearance.

How many treatments will I need?

You can expect to see improvement in the appearance of your leg veins immediately following the first treatment. However, more than one treatment session is often needed to fully clear blood vessels and reduce the appearance of the leg veins completely. Our Laser Specialist will go over an individualized treatment plan with you at your consultation.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on the area(s) being treated, but most treatments take anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

What does the procedure feel like?

Patients describe a range of sensations from tingling to the snap of a rubber band during the procedure.

When can I resume my daily activities?

Typically there is no downtime and you can return to your daily activities immediately following the procedure. This makes it a great treatment to schedule on your lunch break or after work!

Unwanted leg veins are common for women of every age and can cause a great deal of embarrassment.

Why Choose Laser Treatments?
-Excellent outcomes for spider and reticular veins
-Non-invasive treatment that can improve the appearance of your legs
-Quick treatment sessions
-Minimal side effects and no downtime